Train Your Mental Toughness # 4/4: Lift Up Your Lifestyle!

One of the more direct and damaging consequences of living Off Purpose and having a poor self-awareness is that the stress produced by living “against the grain”, will wear and drain all your energy away; it’s kind of like trying to re-enter the atmosphere with your “spacecraft” with a wrong angle-of-attack.
If you keep going that way, you will end up burning out.

Not having a high energy level on a regular basis keeps you away from healthy behaviors like working out or going on a diet.

Self-awareness can lead you to a life of purpose, and this will, in turn, lead you to a state of mental, physical, and emotional health. This, of course, will require that you’d take a better care of yourself; but this kind of life of being On Purpose will have you so fired up with excitement that energy will no longer be a problem.

The key is to harness this excitement and commit to a fitness lifestyle including both, exercise and good nutrition habits.

One good and effective method to follow through is finding a group of like-minded people who will support you and hold you accountable for your commitment and progress.

Remember, discipline and teamwork are the true foundation of all peak performance.

We’ll meet again next week.
Stay strong.

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