The Secret to Selling Anything

In total their are three steps to selling anything.

  1. Traffic: Get people to see and hear what you are doing without raising their defenses.
  2. Conversion: Convince the person that what you have is going to solve their problem.
  3. Economics: Give them something of value and get their money.

These three components shape the Power Triangle that governs everything that happens within sales and marketing.

Before selling anything you MUST answer these four questions to see if it viable:

  1. Who would buy this? (Traffic)
  2. What can we say to persuade them to buy? (Conversion)
  3. Can you reach them affordably? (Economics)
  4. Can they give you money? (Economics)

What you have to realize is as a marketer you always have to think backwards. Don’t focus on what you’re interested in, focus on what you’re potential buyer is interested in, what do they do.

If you have the power triangle in mind when doing anything marketing and sales related, you will be more inclined to succeed.