The Right Mindset for Successful Networking (Part 2)

“Work actively towards becoming a member of a network “ and “ don’t keep a score” were the two actions we mentioned in our previous blog in order for you to create and maintain the right mindset for building successful networking relationships.

The following are another two additional actions which are required:


Would you tell me please which way I ought to go from here? That depends a good deal on where you want to get to

The more specific you are about what you want to do, the easier it becomes to develop a strategy to accomplish it.

Key is to make a setting goals a habit. If you do that, goal setting becomes a part of your life. If you don’t it withers and dies.

Step one: find your passion

  • A goal is a dream with a deadline
  • Look inside
  • Important about conducting an internal review is to do so without constraints, doubts, fears, and expectations of what you “should” be doing
  • Dreams and goals (make list)
  • All the things that bring me joy and pleasure, the achievements, people, and things that move me
  • Ask the people who know you best what they think your greatest strengths and weaknesses are. Ask them what they admire about you and what areas you may need help in
  • Look outside

Step Two — putting goals on paper

  • Connecting the goals to the people, places, and things that will help you get the job done. Determine the best way to reach out to the people who will help you accomplish your goals.
  • Connecting with others really just involves having a predetermined plan and carrying it out, whether you want to be a ninth-grade history teacher or start your own business.
  • Goals must be in writing. Have a conviction to put your intentions to paper. An unwritten wish is just a dream. In writing, it’s a commitment, a goal.
  • Goals must be specific, measurable, have a due date, be believable, be challenging and demanding,
  • Take action

Step three — create a board of advisers


  • Know that you must reach out to others long before you need anything at all
  • Start finding future clients today. Had he thought about what kind of industry he wanted to be in? Had he thought about where the top people in that industry hang out? Next step is to go hang with this group of people
  • Get to know these people as friends, not potential customers
  • Volunteer your time to a nonprofit organization they’re involved in, or aid in publicizing a school fundraiser their kids are involved in
  • Once you’ve got an established client that will provide references and create some word of mouth you’re halfway home
  • But to be constantly creating the environment and community you want for yourself, no matter what may occur.
  • Offer out knowledge and work ethic to small companies, learn about new industries, references and contacts when we graduated
  • It’s easiest to reach out to those people who are at least tangentially part of your network
  • But the first step has nothing to do with strangers, you should start connecting with the people you do know.

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