The First Rule of Selling: Agreement — Part 1

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2 min readJan 12, 2022


Never expect people to agree with you if you disagree with them. In selling, like minds attract. When there’s not enough agreement between two parties… there is no agreement. ALWAYS AGREE WITH THE CUSTOMER. Agree first, close later.

The Rule of Agreement:

  • Agree
  • Acknowledge
  • Make the other party right
  • Close!

Agreement takes muscle and discipline.

Agreement Vocabulary:

  • You’re right!
  • I’m with you!
  • I agree!
  • I’ll work it out!
  • I understand!
  • I’ll make it happen!
  • Done!

If you need to be right, then selling will be difficult for you.

Agreement is understanding. By establishing a basic agreement, you’re creating the opportunity to help the buyer purchase your product and service.
Distrust is not the buyer’s problem… It’s your problem. The buyer will make a decision, what do you want it to be? The decision to “shop” is caused by some level of distrust.
You, as the salesperson, always get a decision. We’re not looking at what a customer says, but at what the customer isn’t saying.
Measuring the unspoken level of trust that they may be at.

  • Trust is critical
  • If you don’t get the sale, don’t get distrust
  • Every decision is a decision

Customers don’t make sales… Salespeople do!

You have to understand the minds of the customer. Most salespeople blame their customers… Low responsibility = low production.

You need to take responsibility for: selling and buying. Don’t think about just your role. Think about getting the job done, no matter what it takes.

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