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As we promised last week, here’s the first of the 12 Strategies we’ve set as a challenge in order to improve our health and general well-being (that means your body, mind, and emotion). Let’s raise yourself to a higher standard and get started now.

The first Strategy deals with your body need to constantly oxygenize and cleanse itself.


As you already know, our body needs oxygen to fuel the cells and generate energy.

The optimal level of oxygenation of our cells in order to maintain our health and create a vital lifestyle comes through a good nutrition, drinking enough water, exercise properly and avoid stress.

One of the best ways to oxygenate, as dumb as it might sound, is actually to breathe.
And yes, that implies that we –as representatives of the western culture- don’t know how to breathe properly.

Amusingly, there is even a term the Hawaiian culture uses to refer to western people: Haole, which means “without breath”, because of our inefficient way to inhale…

A good, effective breathe would entail breathing through our stomach first and lastly through our chest; taking deep, rhythmical breathes instead of our usual shallow, irregular ones.


Our lymphatic system is a set of tissues and organs that deal with the cleansing and nutrition of our body.
Unlike our cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pumping method of its own; it relies on body movement –meaning physical exercise- to propel its fluids through our body.

The necessary body cleansing requires stimulation to do and improve its circulation.

There are two basic ways to achieve this:

The Power Breath Exercise

Every day, four times a day, take what it’s called Power Breaths; which are cycles of inhaling and exhaling in a 1–4–2 ratio; for instance, if it takes you 4 seconds (1 time count) to inhale, then you hold your breath 4 times count; that is, 16 seconds; then you exhale 2 times your first count; that is, you take 8 seconds to release all the air in your lungs. Then you repeat this cycle 10 times in a row.
Later in the day, you repeat this operation; and again until you complete the 4 times.

Try this now one or two times before you continue reading, and see the feeling of ease and relief you get instantly.

Opposing Gravity Exercising

Exercise that involves working against gravity does the most for our lymphatic system, resulting in a healthy body, mind, and emotion.
20 or 30 minutes of rebounding, jump rope workouts, and all kinds of plyometric exercise can provide the ideal conditions for cleansing your cells.

This kind of workout has countless benefits, like providing the stimulus for a free-flowing lymphatic drainage system, which helps rid our body of toxins, cancer cells, wastes, trapped protein, bacteria, viruses and other waste the cells need to cast off.

Hopefully, this first Strategy will help you start off this process of improving your energy and well-being.

Talk again next week.

Stay strong!

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