How to be Happy when Life seems to be Crappy

Let’s discuss the 7 ways to be happy:

1. Three Walks

Research has proven that people who are physically more active are also happier in their day to day life. Exercise provides people with a greater feeling of enthusiasm. It doesn’t take much: half an hour of brisk walking three times a week improves happiness.

2. The 20-Minute Replay

Studies have found that re-playing positive experiences improves people’s lives and happiness. Writing for twenty minutes about a positive experience dramatically improves happiness. Why? Because you actually re-live the experience as you are writing it and then re-live it every time you read it. It helps us remember things we like about ourselves, people and our lives.

3. Random Acts of Kindness

Psychology Studies have proven that people who are kind to other people tend to be happier than people who are usually not. It’s been found that kindness produces the most reliable well-being in any person who practices kindness. Carrying out random acts of kindness every week will dramatically improve your happiness.

4. A Complete Unplug

The richest, happiest and most productive lives are characterized by the ability to fully engage in the challenge at hand, but also to disengage and seek renewal. Downtime after work helps people recharge. Turn off your phone after dinner, try to avoid as much as possible thinking about work issues while relaxing at home, don’t use the Internet while on vacations, etc.

5. Hit flow

When you get absorbed in what you are doing you are being challenged and demonstrating your skill — you are in your flow. People who find challenge and satisfaction of accomplishment tend to be happier.

6. 2-Minute Meditations

Brain scans (as part of Hospital Research), have shown that people who meditate show increase brain activity associated with compassion and self-awareness while stress levels shrink. Studies report that meditation can “permanently rewire” your brain to raise levels of happiness.

7. Five Gratitudes

Make it a habit to write down five things you are grateful for from the past week. As Charles Dickens wrote: “Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many, not your past misfortunes, of which all men have some”

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