Give, Give, Give.

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3 min readJan 19, 2022


Selling is giving. Focus on what you give, not just what you get!

A sincere desire to help, aid, assist, and service is the true focus of selling. If you give enough in life, life will give back. Service is senior to selling, giving is senior to getting. Deliver beyond what they ask for… exceed the client’s expectations!

Best energy, attitude, and service will get you further than anything. By raising the credibility and reputation of the company, you will see increased profits, sales, customer satisfaction and shorter sales cycles.

Love the one you’re with and show them how important they are to you… commit 100% and don’t allow for interruptions. Turn off your phone, pager, etc. Be totally committed to that one opportunity, the customer. People feel neglected, if you give your full, undivided attention, it will leave an impression on the customer. People are more valuable than money.

What level of service are you going to give?

You can beat the pack with a high level of service. A better product? Not necessarily the solution… great service will always triumph. People will pay more for service than they will for the product. Go to the client rather than the client coming to you, service sells. Providing options is a way of serving people.

Follow up with people before and after the sale. Stay creative, go where other people won’t go. What do you get for a lower price? The difference between the $40 room and $400 room: service, clientele? What did the customer get?
Elevate your level of service.

Commitment to purpose, dedication to service. SERVICE and PURPOSE. High levels of service = increased sales. Most people don’t buy the first time you ask. The moment you quit asking, the deal is dead. You have to be willing to be persistent, “Hard sell status”.

Get comfortable so that what you say sounds genuine and natural. Closing is like a recipe. Practicing handling rejections, complaints, etc. There’s nothing wrong with you learning what you’re going to say. Use what works, so you can handle certain situations successfully. Drill, practice, rehearse to become a professional, hard sell closer. If you can’t close, you lose.

Know how to deliver, know how to close. Repair what doesn’t work. For you to be a professional, you have to prepare yourself. Video yourself. Watch your gestures, hand motions, tone level, and responses. Team up with another associate, and practice handling anything you weren’t comfortable with the day before.

You’re doing this, but when it costs money. Why wait until there are real things at stake in order to practice closing?

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