Selling is giving. Focus on what you give, not just what you get!

A sincere desire to help, aid, assist, and service is the true focus of selling. If you give enough in life, life will give back. Service is senior to selling, giving is senior to getting. …

People will pay more for a great experience; a great attitude is better than the product that you’re selling.


It’s easy for them to say no to a product or company, but difficult to say no to a positive experience with another person. When something makes you feel good, you…

Never expect people to agree with you if you disagree with them. In selling, like minds attract. When there’s not enough agreement between two parties… there is no agreement. ALWAYS AGREE WITH THE CUSTOMER. Agree first, close later.

The Rule of Agreement:

  • Agree
  • Acknowledge
  • Make the other party right
  • Close!

Get out of balance! More is better, less is nothing. People that are trying to convince you to slow down and not work so hard want you to live a mediocre life.

4 Degrees of Action:

1. Right action

2. Wrong action

3. No action

4. Massive action

To get


As we promised last week, here’s the first of the 12 Strategies we’ve set as a challenge in order to improve our health and general well-being (that means your body, mind, and emotion). Let’s raise yourself to a higher standard and get started now.

The first Strategy deals with your…

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ISU Corp is a high-tech company specializing in Software Architecture, Development, Project Management and Software User Interface Design.

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