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When in Rome, don’t do as Romans have already done!

In a world where things have been copied and re-copied to infinity and beyond, it’s hard to find originality and authenticity.

There are loads of content available to anyone online, but some — in fact, a good chunk of it — isn’t high-quality content. The web is flooded with ridiculous things, such as memes and other questionable content hidden in the dustiest corners of the Internet. Keep in mind that even those things have plenty of followers.

This, however, can be seen as an opportunity. If you are producing valuable…

These days, a booming business is available to anyone, even you. Gary Vaynerchuck, author of Crush It! says not to measure your success by the wealth and grandeur of your business, but to measure it in happiness.

The secret to success is only made up of three simple rules: love your family, work super hard, and live your passion. If you are measuring your success in happiness, that first rule is crucial. Second to that, working hard may be an obvious rule for achievement. However, it is one of those things that are easier said than done. …

Innovation brings success. Apple is the most successful example of innovation but there are many other companies which have been successful thanks to innovation.

The question is: what are the keys to innovation?

1. Have confidence in your abilities

More specific than having faith in yourself, it is vital to know unequivocally what you can bring to the table, and what you cannot. Know your strength, know your craft, whatever it may be, and hone it to the highest level possible.

Be an expert at what you love to do and make no apologies for your greatness. However, having confidence…

Defining moment represents a moment in time that defines something, such as a person’s success or failure, achievement or demise. A point at which the essential nature or character of a person, group is revealed or identified.

They are unalterable. They are memorable and you’ll usually remember the exact date and sometimes the exact hour that your defining moment occurred.

Our choices help define these events. They are either negative or positive but rarely neutral.

However, the best description of a defining moment is that a defining moment brings you closer to discovering your purpose in life.

How can you…

Becoming successful is more than a wish — it’s a desire, a definite desire.

Desire is the seed that holds the power, the stronger the desire the more powerful the power to succeed. A burning desire is absolutely essential to success, it’s absolutely essential to grow rich.

In order to accomplish it there are six practical steps a person must take:

  1. Fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire. Be definite as to the exact amount.
  2. Determine exactly what you intend to give in return for the money you desire. …

You have this great idea and can’t wait to tell your friends and family about it. Unfortunately, they don’t share your excitement and give you a thousand and one reasons why it won’t work and why you can’t do it.
Before you know, you start to doubt yourself and agree that the idea will not work and wasn’t a good idea after all.

Criticism is the one form of service, which everyone gives too much and tend to provide without a measure of consequence.

For many, speaking in public is one of their greatest fear, why? because of their fear…

Team Capabilities are part of your Social Skills — a component of your Social Competence.

While Social Skills, in general, are related to your aptitude at inducing desirable responses in others — Team Capabilities relate to your ability to create Group Synergy in pursuing collective goals.

People who have this competence usually:

  • Model team qualities like respect, helpfulness, and cooperation
  • Draw all members into active and enthusiastic participation
  • Build team identity, spirit, and commitment
  • Protect the group and its reputation
  • Share credit for all accomplishments

As important as individuals are to an organization, the unified team effort is key —…

Collecting an email list for your company is crucial because unlike social media you own it. Don’t get me wrong social media is very important and has its place, but if you don’t have an email list you are losing a lot of potential clients. In order to start growing your list you are going to need to do three things:

1. Provide Value!

Don’t just assume people are going to give you their email address for no reason, a lot of times company make this mistake and it leaves them with fewer people signed up. Make sure to highlight…

You are the main character in your life’s drama; it’s up to you to decide which part you want to play. You can choose to be the hero or you can choose to be the victim.

We start our lives by being pushed, pressed and fighting to get out of a narrow space. For the rest of our lives, we find ourselves in more narrow spaces that we must fight to get through, but we keep at it until we persevere. …

It is easy to understand why bring-your-own-device strategies and mobile solutions have become more popular in a corporate setting. The increased functionality of smartphones and tablets have made it possible to handle business-critical tasks from the palm of an employee’s hand. All that’s required is a wireless internet connection.

However, to get the most out of a mobile solution, IT decision makers need to do much more than just allow workers to use their iPhones and Surface tablets to check their email. …

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